A microbe found in the human microbiome.





Briefly research and then describe a microbe found in the human microbiome. Your post should
include all of the following:
What microbe are you investigating? What type of microbe is it (bacteria, fungus, etc)?
Where does this microbe live on you?
The Microbiota video that you watched from the last module described microbes of the
microbiota as fitting into one of three categories:
Ones that essentially take up space instead of more problematic bacteria and are ignored by the
immune system
“Guests” that harm us, but we have not been able to get rid of entirely
Microbes that help us in different ways
Which category would you say that your microbe fits into and why, based on information from
your source(s)? In your answer to this question, you might consider: What are the positive effects
of this microbe? Are there ever any negative effects of this microbe?


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