A book review for my American history class

Find a history book. This needs to be a college/university history book. There are plenty of good books in the SOWELA library. It can be on any historical subject. Read the book and write a critique of the book. Do not write a summary. If you write a summary you will get an F. Sorry. Write what YOU think about the book. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE OR YOU WILL FAIL THE COURSE. I am looking for your ideas and your opinion. YOU have something to offer because no one has your experiences. YOU are unique, therefore, no one has YOUR perspective. The book review should be at least three pages long.Remember — this needs to be a critique of the book. Write a short synopsis and then immediately begin critiquing the book. Discuss what you liked and what you did not like and why. The WHY is most important here. Remember — this is YOUR opinion so as long as you support your opinion you cannot get this wrong.That is the best I can do, It will not allow me to screenshot on the computer.