DirectionsIn at least 200 words, tell us about a time when you had poor interactions with a company or a situation either through a letter you have received, an email received, an interaction at a business you’ve visited, or a boss or manager who did not treat you as you expect to be treated. Feel free to be as detailed as possible, however, you do NOT need to include specific information as to the company or persons you interacted with, especially if you have negative feelings toward that person. Specifically, I wish to create a dialogue about what constitutes professional behaviors in language communication. How did language shape these interactions? What could have produced a more productive outcome? What lessons can we learn from these situations?After writing your post, please read some of your classmates’ posts and respond to at least three posts (50 words or so, each post). If you see three responses posted already, please look for other open responses to engage. Filter replies by unread