In this discussion board, you’ll draw together the techniques you learned about the Uneven U paragraph structure with the methods Bergstrom and West provide for challenging BS. 
Post (Your post has two parts. Develop each in its own paragraph)

First, find and then write a summary using the Toulmin method of one news article posted on a major news site since 1/01/2021 that seems to contain BS. Be sure to include a direct link to the article, video, or audio file. Some news outlets you might consider include: 

CNNLinks to an external site.
NPRLinks to an external site.
FOX NewsLinks to an external site.
NBCLinks to an external site.
New York TimesLinks to an external site.
Sacramento BeeLinks to an external site.

Second, employ at least two of the techniques discussed in chapter 11 of Calling Bullshit to analyze and refute the bullshit you’ve identified in the article you’ve found. Frame your analysis using the paragraph structure of the Uneven U.  Remember, your goal is not to “win” but to “convince” your audience.

Make sure each paragraph is clearly marked.
Your post should represent 30-45 minutes of work and be at least 300 words long.