7205MKT Brand Strategy and Management


Brand Strategy Development

For many years, nutritionists and other health experts have encouraged consumers to eat more fresh produce. However, fruit and vegetable branding can be a daunting task. Luckily, the general public has gained huge interest in nutrition, the idea of “functional foods.”  Fresh produce business entrepreneurs especially those dealing in fruit juice production can take advantage of these trends to build their brand strategy. The strategy for O Range is to produce fruit juice within its niche market which is a natural food store that provides services to youthful active individuals. O Range will launch its goods at 20 percent off the regular price in its first month in the market. Moreover, the company will co-sponsor local charitable events such as athletics to boost the visibility of its brand name. O Range has to become a reputable business enterprise. Therefore, all focus has to be directed on constructing the brand image. According to Išoraitė (2018), brand images cement some symbols in the customers’ minds which enables the manufacturers of the product to market their commodity more effectively.

Since O Range company is dealing in fruit juice, it has to revolutionize the nutrition industry massively. Consumers who buy these fruits and juice must be satisfied due to the high quality of the product. Branding needs to be unique and attractive for it to catch the attention of consumers. As such we will build a company logo to develop our brand. The logo will be simplified and it should speak for the company. While it will say nothing about the O Range products, it will help the potential customers to recognize and identify the name of our company. Once the name of our company is recognized using the logo, consumers will look for more things concerning the company.

Another strategy to develop the brand for the company will be nutrition labeling and education. One of the most crucial selling points for fresh fruits and vegetables is that these goods are regarded by dieticians, doctors, and consumers as “healthy” (Kyriacou & Rouphael, 2018).  This is attributed to the fact that fruits and vegetables have high fiber content, usually consist of nutrients like folic acid, vitamin C, and potassium. Moreover, they may also be having high compounds that give great health benefits. But the public may not know the nutritional profile of some fruits or vegetables. Therefore, our company will focus on labeling prepackaged fresh produce with information that is meaningful and valuable to the consumers who have an interest in what it that they are reading. The company may need to include extra information about the potential health advantages that a particular kind of produce gives, ensuring that the provided information is adequate and conforms with the government’s food and drug labeling requirements.

2.Brand Purpose

The purpose of O Range is to make it simple and pleasurable for our potential buyers to accomplish their personal health goals. Our stores will provide various healthier retail commodities besides our delicious smoothies such as vitamin supplements, sports beverages, and energy bars. As much as fruit, yogurt, juice, and dairy are among the products that any person with a blender can offer, only O Range makes specialized fruit juice that is professionally blended with more than “just fruit in a blender” for our consumers to achieve specific ambitions, goals, and needs. Our company is focused on helping people live a healthier and more active life. Our customers will be enjoying their smoothies manufactured from actual fruits and vegetables – zero artificial preservation, colors, and flavors. The goal is to teach the world and the young generation about the value and the responsibility of living a healthy lifestyle.

3.Target Market

According to Kappel (2017), the importance of understanding the company’s target audience and formulating targeted marketing strategies is to help companies conduct marketing more effectively and profit from marketing activities. Therefore, companies need to analyze the market segmentation of the target audience. Affected by the trend of healthy eating, more and more people prefer to choose juice instead of soft drinks because the juice has lower calories than soft drinks and contains vitamins and minerals (DARBINYAN, 2021). As a company that sells organic fruit juices, O Range has three primary target market segments. The first target audience is a young consumer group with a middle income and above to pursue good health. Affected by the covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are paying attention to improving the body’s immunity. O Range’s organic juice is rich in antioxidants, which can effectively supplement the multi-vitamins needed by the body and strengthen the immune system. A second target market is many people who participate in the fitness culture or seek to lose weight. O Range’s products to target customers will include low-sugar or no-sugar options to meet the needs of this group to keep in shape. Finally, young parents are also potential target markets for O Range organic juices. The reason is that some children do not like to eat the fruit directly. To keep their children healthy, young parents may purchase organic juices for their children. O Range can capture the market segment of young parents by attracting children. For example, to make children more willing to accept organic juices, the organic juices sold by O Range will cooperate with popular anime or movies to introduce children’s cup packaging that is more likely to be sought after by children.

4.Competitor Analysis

When people consider purchasing juice, the first brand that comes to mind is Boost Juice. The brand was founded in 2000 and is famous for providing consumers with healthy energy drinks, smoothies, and juices. Therefore, Boost Juice is O Range’s biggest direct competitor. According to Allis (2012), Boost Juice has made 95% of juice drinkers aware of the brand in the first five years of its creation because of the correct marketing strategy. Boost Juice randomly selects two names from online platforms (website and Facebook) every day by combining online and offline. If you have the same name, you can get a free smoothie with ID. At the same time, this method also generates noise in the store to attract people’s attention. The success of Boost Juice’s brand promotion is inseparable from its social media marketing. Based on the DIAS (2016) report, the personal Twitter of Boost Juice founder Janine Allis has nearly 50,000 followers, while Boost Juice’s social media account has more than 600,000 followers. Not only that, Boost Juice is particularly good at adding tags to its marketing activities, which means that marketing activities can be better known to target customers. Boost Juice can also directly contact customers through social media and get direct feedback to improve products and services.

4.In addition to adopting the correct marketing strategy, Boost Juice has always been known for providing customers with high-quality products, and in different countries, Boost Juice will adjust the formula according to local consumers’ tastes. However, Boost Juice also has shortcomings. According to Sullivan (2016), although the smoothie products sold by Boost Juice are sugar-free, the actual sugar content and calories are far more than a Big Mac burger. Boost Juice uses phrases like fat-free and dairy-free to describe its products to make consumers feel that these products are healthy, but the actual situation is not. And O Range will carry out its commitment to use organic fruits and display the kilojoules of each product on the menu. In addition, O Range will not add unnecessary sugar to the product to help consumers stay healthy.

5.Brand identity and value proposition

The main unique value of O Orange offering to its target customers is the high product quality. On the one hand, O Orange’s products have special health value to customers. Even though there are many juice companies in the market, they do not develop products to certain kinds of customers. Focusing on special needs from customers, O Orange would keep invent new products to meet their demands. For instance, the company will get iodine from seafood, seaweed and vegetables and produce juice with rich iodine through scientific processing method. Such juice contains iodine good for thyroids and is good for lower blood lipids, which meets customers’ health requirement. The company will also put forward series of juices for beauty and weight control, inviting professions to explain how and when to have juice to raise the company’s reputation. On the other hand, fresh ingredients ensure the high quality of products. Australia is a country with abundant raw materials as a big country producing fruits and vegetables. Abundant resources provide sufficient raw materials for the development of O Orange. The company can cooperate with local farms to obtain the freshest ingredients. The unique products base and quality offer the company special brand identify (Odilova 2020).

Orange has benefits both in physical and emotional. With the rising life standards, customers have increasingly higher requirements on food. Traditional carbonate beverages, juice beverage and milk tea cannot satisfy their demands for natural, low sugar and healthy drinks. The products from O Orange are pure fruit and vegetable juice, with no added sugar or preservative, no fat and cholesterols. For instance, the featured product of O Orange, orange juice, is full of vitamin C, which can help customers to keep their skin looking vibrant and smooth. In addition, customers will obtain high additional products when buying products in O Orange, including after sales service and customers consulting. Customers can obtain an extra using instruction card. Such card can not only assist customers to choose suitable juices and drink them in correct manner, but also enable O Orange to form better reputation and brand image. With high product quality, O Orange can perform differentiation strategy to gain competitive advantage. Such differentiation strategy enables the brand to stand out from the competitor’s brand (Neves and et al 2020).

6.Brand positioning

Based on the market investigation, there are mainly two market segmentations of O Orange, people care about the health issue and young people pursuit fashion. Therefore, the brand positioning of O Orange is about healthy and fashion. For the first type of customers, they care about the healthy ingredients and nutritive value of fresh juice .Currently, the fresh juice market in Australia has not formed unified industrial standards as the products on the market are varying in quality. Fresh juice faced with the overall lack of industry standards, which means that the whole market is in a chaotic state of the operation of disorder. O Orange aims to change the old small workshop image of traditional fresh juice producers, and establish formal limitations in health standards, operational procedures and service systems. It maintains the concept of 100 percent freshly squeezed with no additive or water. The recipe is based on the different features and vitamin content of different fruits, owing high quality and nutritional value. Different from coffee and milk team, each juice will have its own function and there will be special salesmen to make introduction. In this way, salesmen can offer professional and correct answers facing to customers’ consultancy (Lee and et al 2015).

For young people pursuit fashion, O Orange is also a good choice as its fresh juice has the function of skin whitening and weight control. Generally, these groups of customers have relatively high salaries and are not sensitive to the price. Committing to the beverage research and development on pure natural and no addition ensures O Orange’s products to be truly green and healthy. They are usually white-collar workers and part college students. Even thought the price of fresh juice is relatively high compared with carbonate beverages, it will not become the hinder for O Orange to enter Australian market. In the working environment, tea and coffee are more popular as they seem to be more formal. However, under the high working pressure, it is necessary to change the traditional working habitat. The mission of O Orange is to promote healthy and natural drinks, which is accord with the inexorable trend of modern consumption. What the company needs to do is to assist consumers form correct consumption view and healthy dietary habits (Fabroni and et al 2010).

The major operating sites of O Orange accumulate in leisure restaurants in hotels, oxygen bars and shops near the central business district. Its package uses environmentally friendly materials, which are able to recycle and reuse. Such practices will form a good image for company in the market, showing its value of saving resources, promoting environmental protection and closing to nature. Keeping a big pile of fresh oranges, a glass pitcher and a juicer together on the counter, the company aims to make a ritual of squeezing fresh juice each morning for its customers. In addition, the offline shops take the pastoral decoration in specialty, providing a bright and fresh dining atmosphere for customers eat in. The elaborate orange logo can attract customers’ attention when they see the brand logo before purchasing the services. The excellent decoration and package further show the company’s brand positioning to be healthy and fashion (Ahmad and Ahmad 2017).