7 pages on COVID-19 PANDEMIC

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You will complete report describing the current state of the COVID-19 crisis in the US.The overall goal of the final paper is to reflect on how the COVID-19 pandemic affects a particular group of people. This is for a gender class, your primary entry point should be gender, but you should try to be intersectional in your approach to this. For example, rather than simply see how women are impacted, you might see how undocumented women are uniquely affected by this crisis. Or, rather than focus on men, you might research how men who work in the service industry are uniquely impacted.
For the first half of the paper, you only need to provide an overview of the actual crisis. You’ll need to use at least two credible sources to help you explain this, but you can also use your personal experience. I have given you an outline for the whole paper below. The first half includes the intro and description sections.
You must use quotes, least four outside, credible sources. You must have a reference page.Your paper should be 5-7 pages (not including the reference page).
Here is an outline for your final paper.

Intro (here you might use a narrative to explain where we are today) (one paragraph)
Describe the crisis (use both descriptive language and direct quotes) (approx. 2 pages)
Discuss the group you chose to focus on (approx. 1-2 pages)
Reflect on how others could help (approx.. 1-2 pages)
Conclusion (one paragraph)
Reference Page

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