6MARK025W Contemporary Issues in Marketing : Marketing Knowledge Frameworks and

This module is assessed by a research project; the Dissertation. As an initial stage of your research project, you should submit a Research Proposal, which is the formative component. Research Proposal is a shorter version of the dissertation that will form the basis of your research. It helps to plan, design and propose your research approach on which you will receive formative feedback to enhance your research. The assessment for this module has been designed in the full expectation that formative assessment is completed, as directed, by the module leader; failure to do so is likely to impact on the student’s ability to pass the module.

Research Proposal assesses whether the student has presented a feasible research topic and design within a marketing theme critically reviewing previous research. To achieve this, the Research Proposal must demonstrate your awareness of the relevant discussions in marketing and the appropriate research design. You can find the structure and the marking criteria below. A briefing session will be provided to discuss the structure and content details in week 2. The proposal should be around excluding cover page, table of contents and reference list.

On successful completion of this assessment you should be able to:

1. Work with ideas at a level of abstraction, arguing from competing marketing perspectives and identifying the possibility of new concepts within existing marketing knowledge frameworks and approaches.


2. Demonstrate a systematic understanding of the marketing knowledge base related to the dissertation and its inter-relationship with other fields of study.