3 Organic Chemistry Lab

*Heading & Title (1 pt) – Your name, your lab partner’s name, date, course section, TA’s name, name of the experiment
*Purpose (1 pt) – The reason for the experiment in your own words; 1-2 sentences.
*Reaction & Physical Properties Table (4 pt) – Draw the reaction (if you’re performing a reaction) and record thephysicals properties (mp, bp, MW), including units, of the reactants, reagents, and products you will use or make.Reactions are drawn using a program like ChemDraw. Texas Tech University now has a site license for ChemDrawsoftware.
*Safety (4 pts) – Any safety precautions necessary for the experiment should be outlined here. Examples include propertechniques (e.g. – for using syringes, for handling hot glassware, etc), a listing of chemical hazards, a listing of physicalhazards, how to dispose of waste properly, and any other safety issue you see or your TA expects you to address. Makeit a habit to reference all necessary chemicals’ safety information before handling them in lab. A good website toSyllabus for Organic Chemistry Laboratory II (CHEM 3106), Spring Session 2022Page 3reference for this data is www.sigmaaldrich.com. You can search for and select the chemical in question, then click onthe “Safety & Documentation” link.
*Procedure (4 pts) – A detailed explanation of the lab in your own words. You should be able to perform the lab by justfollowing this procedure. This can be written as steps (e.g. – 1. Add 0.15 g of benzophenone to a 3 mL conical vial).Don’t copy from the lab manual. Don’t use personal pronouns (I, me, you, us, etc…)
Data/Observations (4 pts) – Any colors, measurements (weights before and after), reaction times, etc. observed duringlab. All graphs tables, and spectra must have a title and be clearly labeled. All IR spectra must have the functionalgroup’s peak labeled. Record any and all observations. Draw pictures. Duplicate pages of your notebook & IR spectrashould be attached to the back of the final lab report.
Calculations & Results (5 pts) –You may or may not have calculations; usually this will be the weight and % yield (seebelow). Record all weights & measurements to the 2nd decimal place.
Conclusions/Discussion (7 pts) – Discuss the results of the experiment thoroughly and in at least 4 full sentences. Thisshould include a brief description of the lab, its purpose, and state why the lab was or was not successful by citingspecific data collected during the experiment.You must reference your results in this paragraph, the actual weight of your product, the percent yield (if applicable),peaks observed from IR spectra, etc…One should be able to read just this section and get all the pertinent data from the lab.
Post Lab Questions (10 pts) – Answer all assigned post-lab questionsA digital lab report that contains all of the above sections will be submitted to SafeAssign on Blackboard by the due date.The main body of the report needs to be scannable by SafeAssign. Students should also upload digital copies of the TAinitialed pre-lab portion of the report, TA initialed pages from your lab notebook if they are not already included in the labreport file.