2.7 ESSA PowerPoint, Handout, & Reflection

As a part of a Leadership Retreat for school principals and assistant principals in your cluster, you have been selected as a presenter to research and prepare a Power Point presentation and one-page Handout that gives an overview of ESSA (Every Child Succeeds Act). This Act was signed into law on December 10, 2015 and is now in full effect. This presentation is designed as a means of reviewing the component and requirements of this Act and its impact on our nation’s schools and specifically those schools in your district. (Google ESSA.)
Power PointAs you prepare your ESSA Power Point, which should be at least 20 slides that are creatively presented and reader friendly, the following components must be included:The presented information must be FACTUAL. (You are simply presenting the material without editorial comments.) Therefore, you will include source (website) information.Include a title slide.Give the historical perspective including the bill sponsors and congressional passage information.Identify the key elements (highlights) of the law in the following areas:Accountability Plan (elementary, middle and high schools)Low performing schoolsSchool InterventionsTestingStandardsEnglish Language LearnersSpecial Education StudentsTeachersCompare (in Chart form)Every Student Succeeds Act and No Child Left Behind in the following areas: (Google the two Acts for an example of the chart.)Standards (reading/math/science)Assessment (annual testing in reading and math)Accountability (AYP)Teacher Effectiveness (Highly Qualified)References and Websites
ESSA HandoutPrepare a one-page handout to complement your PowerPoint. It should serve as highlights of your PowerPoint for your colleagues. Make it concise, informative, colorful, and visually appealing.ESSA ReflectionWrite a one page reflection of your thoughts about ESSA.