(15 marks) As there is no any effective medicine for the treatment for Covid-19, quarantine, isolation…

(15 marks) As there is no any effective medicine for the
treatment for Covid-19, quarantine, isolation and social distancing
are the bulwarks to prevent the prevention of the virus. However,
vaccines being developed by a number of companies around the world
have offered a ray of hope. Under such circumstances, Bangladesh
has announced to join the production of vaccines. Bangladesh will
work with the UK and China if everything goes right, said sources
at the Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA). In this
regard, Incepta Vaccine Ltd has got the permission to produce the
vaccine for Covid-19. Incepta Vaccine Ltd is a sister company of
Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd, is the first human vaccines
manufacturing company in Bangladesh in compliance with WHO GMP
requirements. Its large production capacity, will allow the company
to produce Covid-9 vaccine. Previously, this company used only 30%
of its production capacity but currently they need to go for huge
production of this vaccine that requires more work force in the
production process including professionals, technicians and
workers. Incepta Vaccine Ltd even need to bring people from abroad
to produce the vaccine more effectively having the collaboration
with the UK and China. In this situation, CEO of Incepta Vaccine
Ltd requests HR manager to prepare a report to design the
compensation package (considering different compensable factors)
for the pharmacist and technicians so that company can attract more
intellectual and efficient people in this plant not only from
national but also from abroad with the possible strategic impact of
the proposed pay structure. As an HR manager of this company, how
would you make the compensation package that can be attractive for
new hiring? Should the compensable factors for national and
international hiring be same? Justify your answer.

Note: You can make logical assumptions to make your best
Please answer the question according to Human Resource
Management logics.