13th Documentary Assignment

As stated, This assignment is to submit a report on the 13th Documentary by Ava Duvernay on Netflix. Some of the themes we will discuss over the next few weeks become salient through this documentary. The assignment at hand is to write a 2-page reflection. Let me be clear on the format. Please use 12-point font, Times New Roman, and do not send me the reflection in a .pdf document. ONLY Microsoft Word will be accepted for this reflection! In your reflection, please address these themes:Did this film change you in any way? If so, please elaborate in great detail.Did you experience any revelation or epiphany as you watched the film?What did you learn as a result of watching this documentary?Did this film inspire you to take action in society in any way?Additionally, I have attached a rubric that I will use to evaluate your reflection. If you were absent from today’s course, stay on top of your emails and discussion board. Again, the title of the film is called: 13th, which was produced by Ava Duvernay.