101183 Psychology: Behavioural Science| Statistical Analysis

101183 Psychology: Behavioural Science


You will participate in the experiment to be presented in the report in your Week 2 tutorial. In response to student feedback in previous semesters, we have scheduled a further three tutorials to assist you with this assessment task.

In the Introduction to the report, you will justify research aims, research methods, and specific hypotheses, using theories and previous research from the scientific literature.

In the Discussion section, you will interpret results, re-evaluate key issues from the Introduction in light of the results, and make suggestions for future research. To do this effectively, you will learn about data collation, elementary statistical analysis, appropriate referencing techniques, and the application of APA publication rules.

Your Taines (2015) text explains how to structure a report correctly. 1500 words excluding the Method, Results, and reference list. So that you can focus your efforts on justifying the research and interpreting the results, you will be provided with a complete Method section and Results section. These must be included in your report. You will need to write the remaining sections (Title, Abstract, Introduction, Discussion, References).

The word count INCLUDES the Abstract (but NOT the Reference List) and you must not exceed 1500 words for the Abstract, Introduction, and Discussion combined. There is no ’10% rule’ over the word limit. The research report should be double spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman font, with 2.5 cm margins all around

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