10 Minute Play

For this assignment, you will write a ten-minute play. Certainly, we do not have the time orspace this semester for you to write a complete play, but I do want you to have the experience ofdeveloping a full plot.In order to help manage your work, your play should be about no more than 3-5 characters whohave a relationship with each other. They might be:Family membersA group of friendsCoworkersStrangers in a shared, possibly confined space (a bus, an elevator, etc.)
FORMATTING: You must format your play according to the sample on p. 311-318 of thetextbook: single-space blocks of dialogue or stage directions and double-space between thoseblocks.There are few requirements for this assignment. You may decide your tone and the themes youwish to explore. You may write comedy or drama, or explore a more experimental form.